Thornleigh West OOSH (TWOOSH) provides childcare services to meet the needs of school-age children and their families at both Thornleigh West Public School and the wider community, regardless of individual circumstances.


TWOOSH offers children a comfortable, safe, stimulating, fun, home-like environment where they will always feel welcomed, included, motivated, inspired, excited and happy. Our free-play framework encourages ongoing input from children into our weekday program, with a range of choices, experiences and activities for them to choose from. Equally, children have significant input into our school holiday programs. Our educators (together with parents, the school, and the wider community) support our children to become confident and responsible, and capable of making positive choices about their futures.  We aim to build a supportive and trusting relationship with our local community to ensure we are a dependable service. We respect and embrace the diversity of all our families and ensure all families feel welcomed and valued within our service. Our vacation care program is open to all families in the local community and allows children to engage in experiences they otherwise may not be able to.


Our philosophy encompasses the following key elements;

  • We focus on providing a safe, happy, inclusive, caring, fun and creative environment for all children.

  • We encourage respect, honesty, tolerance, kindness, equality and appreciation of others.

  • We value diversity, and we encourage acceptance, tolerance, understanding and respect from and for all children.

  • We believe that all children have individual talents, personalities, interests, needs and abilities that must be nurtured and allowed to flourish.

  • We promote life-long learning by ensuring that children are actively involved in their learning through play, interactions, exploration and experience.

  • We incorporate the My Time, Our Place Learning Framework to extend and enrich the wellbeing and development of school age children in a range of play and leisure activities, including ‘risky play’ opportunities to challenge and stimulate their young minds and bodies.

  • We believe that play is not a luxury, but it is a necessity.

  • We create an environment that promotes autonomy and independence, so children can become confident, knowledgeable and involved individuals.

  • We encourage children to engage with the natural environment to stimulate brain development and encourage environmental responsibility.



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