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TWOOSH provides quality care and play-based education to school-aged children to meet the needs of families at Thornleigh West Public School and the wider community.

At TWOOSH, each child is welcomed, included and nurtured. Our Child-focused approach allows us to accommodate the growing and changing needs of the children. We celebrate, value and embrace the diversity of our children, families and TWOOSH community.

We recognise the importance of play and providing children with choices and challenges; we have a flexible, free-play approach which is supported by the ‘My Time, Our Place’ Framework. We have a strong focus on physical health and well-being in our routines, menus, and program. This is modelled and promoted by our educators through interactive experiences and physical activities, including ‘risky play’.

Our natural and home-like environment facilitates a sense of comfort and safety, stimulating children’s well-being and development. Through access to our diverse spaces, we endeavour to promote environmental responsibility and sustainability by providing children with opportunities to respect and care for the land.

We value and celebrate the traditional custodians of the land, the Dharug peoples.

We foster connections between land, people and community which enables children to become engaged, confident, and responsible individuals; encouraging them to meaningfully contribute to their community.

We recognise the importance of positive mental health and well-being. We aim to provide a safe and supportive space for children, families and educators by facilitating trusting and reciprocal relationships. Our educators play an invaluable role in delivering our mission, values and philosophy. We strive to support and celebrate the personal growth, professional development and wellbeing of all TWOOSH educators.



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