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Our Commitment to Child Safety

TWOOSH is committed to ensuring the safety of children and young persons when attending our service. We are also committed to safeguarding the interests and promoting the dignity and rights of children and young persons who attend our service. This includes vulnerable persons.

TWOOSH has zero tolerance for child abuse and utilises reporting systems to respond to and report allegations of child abuse in a timely manner.

TWOOSH further states:

  • We have a commitment to a culture of safeguarding where children and young persons are happy, safe and feel empowered.

  • We have a commitment to comply with legal requirements such as those required under the

  • A commitment that our staff aim to protect the rights of children and young persons in their care.

  • A commitment to listen to the voice of children and young persons and utilise approaches to assist them to be heard, as well as ensuring they feel empowered.

  • A commitment that our leaders understand and oversight the safeguarding in the organisations.

  • A commitment to provide our staff with appropriate training in key safeguarding areas such as supervision, interaction with children and young people, conflict de-escalation and managing difficult behaviours. This training is regularly provided and updated.

  • A commitment to have Policies and Procedures which give effect to the approach to safeguarding.

  • We use a risk based approach to manage safeguarding responsibilities.

  • A commitment to utilise a complaints system which allows persons to raise concerns, be supported and which ensures a consistent process is followed to manage complaints.

  • We have developed a culture of reporting as required in a timely manner to appropriate organisations.

  • A commitment to utilise appropriate employment processes to screen , interview and employ staff.

  • A commitment to create a safe physical and online environment which is appropriately oversighted.

Our Commitment to Vulnerable Persons

TWOOSH is committed to recognising and responding to children and young persons vulnerability in a respectful and caring manner.

We recognise the cultural safety of Aboriginal children, the cultural safety of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and also aim to provide a safe environment for children with a disability.

Privacy and Record Keeping

TWOOSH makes a commitment to comply with Privacy requirements, as required at law such as that relating to personal identifiers and information

TWOOSH is committed to maintaining appropriate records, as required by law, which are appropriately stored and retain in accordance with legal requirements.


TWOOSH review our child safety approach on a regular basis including formally every 18 months.

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