Before school care is a great service as it provides a safe, caring, and independent environment for the children to engage in while they wait for school the begin. We understand all children start their day at a different pace to allow for a much quieter, relaxed environment. Children prepare their own breakfasts taking initiative over their self-help skills, engage in free play, craft, and even play on the basketball court to have some fun and let out some energy before school begins for the day



Our Curriculum is based on the My Time, Our Place Learning Framework for school age care. It considers the developmental needs, interests and experiences of each child. The program is flexible, allowing for children’s specific needs, interests and spontaneity. As educators we seek to facilitate children’s learning through recreational & social play, provide a wide range of resources and activities for the children to choose from. On a daily basis a range of activities such as craft, cooking, sport, construction and imaginative toys and play, electronic equipment, music, dance, games and dress -ups are available for the children to be involved in. The Educators are spread out across all used areas of OOSH to supervise all activities.


After school care is a much busier, fast paced, louder, eventful, and spontaneous session. Unlike the morning routine, the afternoon provides much more opportunities for engagement due to more time and expanded use of spaces. We have everything from gardening, cooking, craft, quiet construction play inside to outdoor organised sports, tree climbing, cubby building, and sandpit. After roll call and afternoon tea at 3pm, the children can choose what they wish to participate in, moving freely through the program until they get picked up to go home .


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