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Parent Involvement & Committee Meetings



The Centre and its educators are responsible
to the Volunteer Management Committee.

The committee is made up of members representing the parents
of OOSH and elections are held annually. Generally, committee
positions don’t require large amounts of work. Our committee is about parent input into decisions that affect care of your children. All parents are encouraged to become active members of the Management Committee and attend the Annual General Meeting. For further information regarding the committee president and contact details please see the Director. Please remember
that without parental support the Centre cannot operate.

Meetings are held once or twice a term on a Monday at 6.30 pm
We now offer child minding too!

2024 Monday Meeting Dates:

Term 1:  13th February 2024

                        25th March 2024 (AGM)

                                           Term 2:  14th May 2024

                                                           18th June 2024

                                           Term 3:   6th August 2024

                                                           10th September 2024

                                           Term 4:   28th October 2024

                                                           3rd December 2024

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